Gearbox Refurbishment

Gearbox Refurbishment

Shanthi Gears offer Gearbox upgrade services – refurbishment/rebuild / reconditioning for any make and model gearboxes. With expertise in industrial gearboxes for the last five decades, the enhancement done through the design or operational performance has given a wide range of productivity thereby modifying the design to support a change in the process increases the service life of any gears


Refurbishment and reconditioning

  •   Dismantling of gearboxes being done using a latest hydraulic press
  •   All the gear internals will be cleaned by using high pressure washing machine for removing old oil contamination and sediments
  •   Gears being checked for hardness and Magnaflux NDT checking
  •   Gear profiles can be measured by using PMM/Profile testers
  •   Casing bores and centre distances will be measured by using CMM
  •   After inspection, detailed inspection reports will be submitted to the customer for joint inspection

The above process enables us to deliver gearboxes with optimum performance and trouble-free operations for years. The gearbox reconditioning is carried out with the complete disassembly of the gearbox after the analyses of all the worn components are replaced to huge cost savings compared to buying a new gearbox.

The complete provider of gearbox replacements, parts, and field service. We have the most advanced gear cutting and engineering to ensure the highest quality gears available today.

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