Technical Capablities

With more than 5 decades of expertise, large and ultra-modern and well integrated facilities, Shanthi Gears manufactures gears and Gearboxes from a few grams to more than 40 tonnes. The Product range spans across a wide spectrum, from Textile Loom gears to Aviation, from standard gears to custom-made gears for all Applications, from simple Worm gear boxes to complex Planetary helical/ bevel helical gear boxes.

Worm Gear Boxes Centre Distance:1.125″ to 28″ Reduction Maximum:4900:1
Helical/Bevel Helical Gear Boxes Centre Distance up to 800mm at 2,3,4 stages
Special Gear Boxes a) Cement: Vertical rolling Mill Gear box b) Crane duty Gear boxes c) Steel rolling mill Reversing Gear box d) Ladle tilting Gear Box e) Cooling tower Gear box f) Continuous caster With drawl unit gear boxes g) Sugar and Paper mill gear boxes
Planetary Gear Boxes a) Out put torque 1.5 Million N-m Maximum b) Ratio: 4000:1
Loose gears a) Up to 2.4 meter Gear with Profile Ground and Maximum of 30 Module b) Spiral Bevel Gears of 1 meter maximum diameter used for crusher applications
Ferrous Castings a) Grey Iron maximum 1.5 Ton Single piece good casting can be poured b) SG Iron 2 ton single piece casting can be made for both High volume and Low volume mix parts c) All castings can be supplied in Fully machined condition
Non Ferrous Castings a) Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Leaded Bronze casting by Sand, Centrifugal method, Gravity method. B) Maximum 800mm diameter Bush can be made c) All these parts can be used in crushers

We offer standard worm gearboxes, helical and bevel helical gearboxes, geared motors, rolling mill gearboxes, textile gears and gear assemblies. The product range encompasses gears for simple uses such as hand-driven to high-tech gears in any application.

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