Aerospace Industry

For years, Shanthi gears have factory-made gears for the aerospace industry. We are specialized under excellence administration standard ISO.  Commencing cockpit instrumentation to wing flap actuation, Shanthi Gears plans and produce precision gears and motion control systems for aircraft as well as most business jets. Oil-out circumstances, or an aircraft functioning without any oil in gearbox or transmission, are demoralising for the aerospace industry. A tentative work has been accompanied on aerospace quality to scrutinize the performance of the gear system.

  • In-Process Corrosion of Aerospace Gears
  • Super finishing of Aircraft Transmission Gears
  • Spur Gear Tooth Strain
  • High-Capacity Bevel Gear Systems
  • Grinding Burn
  • Thermal Behaviour of Helical Gears

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