Iron & Steel Industry

Shanthi Gears, an eminence centric industry partner, constantly intends to supply consumers with gears and gearboxes that are designed recklessly to most excellent ensemble the industry precise applications. We have gained widespread acquaintance with the different applications of Industrial gears units and gearboxes in numerous engineering segments for the past five decades. One of the industries for which we have been designing, engineering and supplying high-performance gear systems is the Iron & Steel industry.

  • AOD Vessel tilting
  • Roll stand, Pinion stand (Up to 1200 KW)
  • Leveler
  • Conveyor drives (Helical & Bevel Helical)
  • Stacker long travel
  • Hot Rolling
  • Cold Rolling
  • Coilers & Un-coilers
  • Stacker Reclaimed drives
  • Kiln drives
  • Roller table
  • Tube Mill
  • Shear drives
  • Overhead cranes & Main hoists
  • Slab Caster drives
  • Mold oscillation gearbox
  • Ladle Tilting drives
  • Pelletizer drives

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