Rubber & Plastics Industry

Shanthi Gear tools have aided the Petrochemical industries for 50 years. We have an extensive and gratified history of making consistent gear in the market. We afford with high rapidity, high accuracy, high horsepower gear drives, as well as pioneering solutions to come across the industry’s needs. Our practical overhaul expertise is decisive for retaining the gearing used for petroleum and natural gas pumping. The petrochemical industry has a foremost part in the Indian economy and development and so encompasses substantial scientific invention, to operate in a comprehensive product market.

  • Coal handling and crushing in both mines and coal-fired plants
  • Boiler feed, condensate feed and cooling water pump drives
  • Induced draft, forced draft and air-preheater fan drives
  • Natural gas pipeline pumping
  • Gas turbine electrical power-generation
  • Accessory pump and starter drives
  • Synchronous condenser
  • Cooling tower drives

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